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All cakes include festive edible leaves made from fondant and/or chocolate, except for the Tree Trunk Cake - This one includes pine clippings :-)


Looking for a delicous dessert to add to your holiday dinner?  Let us help you bring that joy to your party with one of our cakes! 


How to order:

1. Choose your cake 

2. Enter delivery address, if applicable

3. Choose the delivery date 

3. Enjoy!


About the cakes:

Each cake is 9 inch round with 3 layers of cake.  Approximate servings  15- 20, depending on how you cut your slices.  Looking for a bigger cake?  Check out our other listing where we can turn your selected cake to a 2 layer, 1/2 sheet (12in x 18in rectangle) that serves approx 50 people (2x2 slices). 


Italian Cream - Includes pecans and coconut in the batter. Decorated with toasted pecans and coconut

Red Velvet - Lightly covered with crumbled cake

Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Cake - Covered in Chocolate Ganache and Dried Orange Slices, Chocolate Buttercream Filling 

Vegan Gingerbread Cake - Covered in Cinnamon Vegan Buttercream, decorated with festive decorations 

Tree Stump Cake - Choice of cake flavor. Filling will be chocolate buttercream unless specified otherwise






Holiday Cakes - 9 in

1 week notice required for all orders
  • All sales are final.

    No return, exchange, cancellation or refunds for this item.

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